How to Block Temu Ads on Your iPhone

How to Block Temu Ads on Your iPhone: Temu, a marketplace originating from China, offers a variety of products, from jewelry to home appliances. However, frequent ads on the platform can hinder the user experience on iPhones. If you’re seeking ways to minimize these disturbances, here’s a simplified guide.

Steps to Block Temu Ads on iPhone:

1. Opt-Out of Personalized Ads

  • Navigate to: Settings -> Privacy -> Advertising.
  • Deactivate the “Personalized Ads” option. This limits Apple from sending tailored ads, though it doesn’t reduce ad numbers.

2. Use Safari’s In-Built Pop-Up Blocker

  • For Safari users, go to Settings -> Safari.
  • Activate the “Block pop-ups” option.

Please note this is mainly for ads within Safari. For a comprehensive approach, refer to the following.

3. Choose a Third-Party ad blocker.

Popular options include AdGuard, Wipr, and AdBlock Plus. Download one and allow it to block content. It’s crucial to ensure its legitimacy before installation.

4. Try a DNS Ad Blocker.

This blocks ad-related requests, diminishing the ads you see across apps and sites.

5. Use a VPN Service 

VPNs encrypt your data, rerouting traffic and making ad-tracking harder, potentially reducing ads.


Just apply the mentioned methods to block ad

Visit Settings, find Safari, and enable the “Block Pop-ups” option.

 Go to: Settings -> Privacy -> Advertising and turn off the “Personalized Ads” toggle.

Concluding Thoughts: 

If an ad is intrusive or inappropriate, consider reporting it to Apple. With the methods above, your iPhone can provide a smoother, ad-reduced experience.

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