Problems With Walmart Grocery Pickup Brief Guide

Problems With Walmart Grocery Pickup | Brief Guide: Conveniences like Walmart’s grocery pickup service can be a lifesaver in today’s fast-paced world. Imagine shopping for groceries online and then driving to the store to load them into your car. Sounds perfect. However, like all things, there are bound to be some hiccups. Let’s explore the problems with Walmart grocery pickup.

Problems with Walmart Grocery Pickup

 Inventory Mismatches

While shopping online, you might find all the items you need, but once you reach the pickup spot, there can be sudden changes in availability. This discrepancy can lead to:

Unfulfilled Orders

Some items might not be available, making you return for another pickup or opt for a replacement.

Replacement Issues

 If a product is unavailable, the staff might replace it with an alternative which might not always align with your preferences.

Pick up pin problem.

Before collecting their order for pick up from Walmart, pick up point. Customers receive a unique pickup pin they present at the store. If you receive the correct plug and Walmart has yet to deliver the right hook, you might fail to pick up groceries from the pickup point.

 Time Slot Limitations

Booking a convenient time slot is not always straightforward:

High Demand Hours

Especially during weekends or holidays, finding a good pickup slot can be challenging.


Even if you get a slot, there might be unexpected delays due to high demand or staffing issues.

 Technology Glitches

Walmart’s system, like any, is prone to occasional technological hitches:

Apps or websites malfunction

 Walmart’s customers use the Walmart website for scheduling pickups and for ordering. They may experience website errors or Issues like crashing, not updating the cart, busy server times, or not saving your slot can be frustrating. This can prevent customers from placing orders, receiving confirmation emails, or checking out. Always keep an eye on the down detector for the current incident reports so you will always be informed about any issue.

Payment Errors

 Sometimes, transactions might fail, or there could be double charging.

The Walmart app is not Working.

Sometimes due to Glitches and lagging Walmart app needs to be fixed. When Walmart’s app is not working correctly due to technical issues, customers might need to help placing orders and tracking their pickups. Customers must update their app and ensure their internet connection is stable to avoid all these issues.

 Handling of Perishables

Ensuring the freshness of perishables can sometimes be a gamble:

Temperature Concerns

Not all items might be stored at optimal temperatures during the wait.

Expiry Dates

Some products might be close to their expiry, which might need to be noticed during the rush of online picking.

 Missing the In-store Experience

While online shopping is convenient, there are certain aspects of in-store shopping you might miss:

Visual Inspection

You can’t check the freshness of fruits, vegetables, or meats.

Instant Deals

Walking in-store can sometimes get you deals or discounts you miss online.

 Communication Barriers

There can be occasional miscommunication between the customer and staff:

Order Changes

It might only sometimes be communicated effectively if you want to make last-minute changes.

Feedback Loops

Providing instant feedback or resolving issues on the spot can take time and effort.

 Environmental Concerns

The modern shopping method comes with some environmental costs:

Excess Packaging

To make the pickup efficient, additional packaging might lead to more waste.

Carbon Footprint

Multiple trips due to missing items or issues can increase the carbon footprint.

How to solve all these problems? 

To resolve all these problems related to pickup services, you have to follow the following instruction given below :

  • Connect to better internet services
  • Log out or login again
  • Replace out-of-stock products
  • Check if now the server is working well
  • Contact customer service

Alternatives options for pick up

When Walmart’s pickup service is not working, there must be other ways to pick up your groceries.

Other stores offering to pick up service

If Walmart’s pickup service is not working because of any reason, then you will move to another option. Many other stores provide in-store pickup services. Target is one of the leading department stores providing in-store pickup services.


This online store covers various products like electronics, groceries, clothing, and more.

Other than Target, you also have another option like Kohl’s, where you can order online and pick it up in-store. Browse their extensive catalogue, place your order, and select in-store pickup on Checkout.

Bring your groceries right to your door.

When you need your groceries delivered, multiple grocery delivery stores are available. These services partnered with local grocery stores and delivered your groceries to your door.


The most popular option is ordering groceries from different stores, which will be delivered to your door at a specified time.


This is another option to get your items delivered at home. You can shop from your favourite grocery store, and Shipt will return that item to your home.

Access to your Walmart account

You must access your Walmart account to change your order or pickup information.

  • Firstly log in to your Walmart account.
  • Move to the order history section to view your order details.
  • You can edit or cancel your order before pick up.

After placing an order, you might receive a confirmation email containing instructions on changing your information.

Contact Walmart’s customer support team.

Suppose you need help with Walmart pickup services and need help figuring out what to do. Then, in this condition, you can contact the Walmart customer support team; they will help you resolve your problem.

How to report any problem at Walmart? 

Walmart always encourages customers’ feedback and encourages customers to report any problem they face. If I’m ordered to report any issue, I must call the Walmart customer service team at 1-800 WALMART (1-800-925-6278). Or you can also use their online help services to submit your inquiries. You can also email Walmart. Com. This will help you to resolve all the problems related to Wlamart pickup services, Walmart app, and website problems.

Most common complaints about Walmart’s grocery pickup service

Most of the people who complaint about Walmart’s grocery pickup service include:

  • Walmart grocery pickup puts out wrong or incomplete orders
  • Sometimes Walmart fails to update its online inventory, due to which it offers out-of-stock products as available.
  • Sometimes, customers complain that when Walmart doesn’t have a specified brand, it provides a substitute product, even when it is not requested.
  • Customers complain about Walmart associates that they are insulting and unhelpful.

What’s the Bright Side?

It’s not all gloom and doom. Walmart continually works on improving its services. Most customers have a seamless experience, and minor glitches should encourage you to use this convenience. It’s all about understanding the potential issues and planning accordingly.


Walmart usually provides a replacement. If you’re not satisfied with it, you can opt for a refund for that item.

You can modify your time slot through the app or website, but availability might vary.

No, Walmart does not charge additional fees for its grocery pickup service.

You can report issues through the Walmart app or website. Additionally, calling the store directly can expedite the resolution process.

Most items are available for pickup. However, specific store-specific promotions or extremely high-demand products might only sometimes be available.

While Walmart ensures the freshness of products, you can always check the items during pickup and communicate any concerns immediately.

Yes! Walmart has a return or refund policy if you receive a damaged product. Visit their help center to learn all the information about returning policy. After getting all the information, follow the guidelines and request a return and refund.

Once an order has been delivered to the store, Walmart takes about 2-4 hours to process it. After processing, the order will move to the “shipping” stage. Some Walmart customers had to wait 2-10 days from the “processing” to the “shipping” stage.

You can always pay by using your credit or debit card. You cannot pay with a check, cash, gift, or gift card.

This service is free. You dint have to pay any charges. They do not allow their shoppers to be tipped.


The problems with Walmart grocery pickup, while present, shouldn’t overshadow the service’s immense convenience and time-saving potential. By being aware of possible pitfalls, customers can make informed decisions and have a smoother shopping experience. And as technology and processes continue to evolve, one can only expect these services to improve over time.