Walmart to Walmart Money Transfers The 5 Key Things You Need to Know

Walmart to Walmart Money Transfers: Navigating the world of money transfers can seem daunting, especially when determining just how long a particular service might hold onto your funds. Enter Walmart to Walmart transfers – a popular option for many, but one surrounded by many questions. Chief among them: “How long does Walmart to Walmart hold money?” Fear not! This article is your one-stop-shop for understanding this and many more aspects of Walmart’s money transfer service.

How Long Does Walmart to Walmart Hold Money?

Undoubtedly, the burning question on everyone’s mind is, “How long does Walmart have to hold money?” Once a money transfer is initiated through the Walmart to Walmart service, the recipient has ten days to pick up the money. After this period, the money is returned to the sender. It is straightforward to keep the funds secure while ensuring they’re not tied up indefinitely.

Understanding Walmart’s Money Transfer Services

Before delving deeper, let’s gain a foundational understanding of Walmart’s money transfer services.

Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer: The Basics

Walmart to Walmart Money transfer is a service that allows you to send money to anyone in the US, Puerto Rico, or Mexico, powered by Ria. This service is available at any Walmart store through Walmart to Walmart mobile app.

 Why Choose Walmart?

  • Convenience: With thousands of stores nationwide, there’s likely a Walmart near you.
  • Speed: Transactions are typically completed within minutes.
  • Affordability: Fees are competitive, especially for smaller amounts.

Sending Walmart to Walmart money transfer

The money service centre will help you to send Walmart to Walmart Money transfers. Money Center close and open hours are 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Saturday and 10 am to 6 pm on Sunday. You can use cash or debit to pay for money transfers. It would help if you were 18 to send money from Walmart to Walmart. For Walmart to Walmart Money Transfers, You must have the following forms of ID:

  • US state ID or driver’s license
  • US or international passport
  • Maxican Metricula consular
  • US permanent resident card
  • Military ID
  • Tribal ID.

You can initiate the transfer on the Walmart app. Open the app and find money services in the services section. Now enter the information on the “send money” page. , Then you’ll be able to skip the line and complete your transaction at the local Walmart store.

Method of receiving Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer

You must check your nearest money center for your Walmart to Walmart Money transfer. Bring the transaction reference number the sender who transferred funds to you gave. If your local Walmart still needs a money center, you will also visit the customer service desk for more financial services like cashing checks. Provide the transaction reference number and ensure it matches the name indicated in the transfer.

When the sender transfers funds to you, the money transfer process doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. Walmart will hold Walmart to Walmart Money transfers for 60 days from the original transaction date. According to Walmart’s return policy, the money transfer is returned to the sender. The cash is collected after 60 days.

Walmart Money centers charge how many fees for financial services? 

Walmart Money Center will charge reasonable or affordable fees for financial services.

Fess of Walmart to Walmart Money transfers:

  • Money transfers of $51 to $1,000 have charges of $8
  • Money moves up to $50 have charged $4
  • Money transfer from $1001 to $2500 has authorized $16.
  • Money moves up to $800 have charges of $6.50.

Tracking Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer

Yes! You can track Walmart to Walmart Money transfers through the following process:

  • Visit Walmart’s website and Walmart app
  • Find the “transaction history” section
  • Find the transaction you want to track
  • Click on it to view details.

When was your Walmart to Walmart money transfers denied? 

Usually, Walmart to Walmart Money Transfers are smooth, but you may need some help regarding this. Your Walmart to Walmart Money Transfers may be denied because of the following reasons :

  • When you have an issue with the payment method and your debit or credit card has insufficient balance.
  • When you give incomplete information about the sender, recipient, and transaction.
  • When you exceed from maximum limit per transfer. Because Walmart has a $2500 maximum limit per transfer.
  • When the receiver’s ID doesn’t match the name given by the sender.

Walmart to Walmart Money transfers through a mobile app.

You can use the mobile app for Walmart to Walmart Money transfer. Here is the complete guide to the usage of the mobile app:

  • First, create your account and log in
  • Choose a recipient from your contact and add new recipient details
  • Select a payment method like a mobile wallet or cash pickup
  • Enter the amount you’re sending and confirm the transfer
  • Use your preferred way to pay for the transfer.

In-store Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer

For in-store money transfer, you have to follow the steps discussed below :

  • Visit the customer service desk or Walmart Money Services Center at any Walmart store
  • Inform the associate that you use Walmart to send money
  • Provide the recipient’s name, address number, and photo ID
  • Enter the amount you want to ship and select the payment method, either cash or credit card
  • Confirm the transfer and receive a receipt for your transaction

Pros and Cons of Using Walmart to Walmart

Every service has its benefits and drawbacks. Here’s what you need to consider:


  • Availability: With the vast number of Walmart stores, finding one near you is a breeze.
  • Speed: Forget waiting for days; your money is instantly transferred.
  • Reliability: Walmart has a longstanding reputation, making it a trusted choice.


  • Limitations: There’s a maximum transfer amount, which might only suit some.
  • In-Person Requirement: The recipient must visit a store to collect the funds.

Tips for a Smooth Walmart-to-Walmart Money Transfer

Want to ensure your money transfer goes off without a hitch? Follow these golden rules.

Verification is Key

Always double-check the recipient’s details. A small typo can lead to delays.

Stay Informed

Keep your transaction receipt safe. It contains essential details should you need to query or trace your transfer.

Awareness is Safety

Always be cautious of scams. Never transfer money to unknown individuals.

Can You refund a Walmart-to-Walmart transfer? 

Yes! You can refund a Walmart to Walmart money transfer under specific conditions. You can get a refund only when the person you send the money still needs to receive, pick up, or pick up in the hold period. If you want to cancel your transfer for a refund, then contact Ria’s customer service department at (800) 355-2144:Ria, not Walmart, handles all the issues and changes regarding Walmart to Walmart money transfers.

Comparing Walmart to Other Money Transfer Services

How does Walmart to Walmart stack up against other money transfer giants?

Walmart vs. MoneyGram

MoneyGram, another service offered at Walmart, is an international money transfer service. It’s perfect for sending money across borders but might be pricier for domestic transfers.

Walmart vs. Western Union

Western Union is a household name in money transfers. They offer domestic and international services, but their fees might be higher, especially for smaller amounts.


Walmart uses a combination of internal protocols and federal regulations to ensure the safety and security of every transaction.

No, Walmart to Walmart is strictly for domestic transfers. For international transfers, consider MoneyGram or Western Union.

Yes, the maximum amount you can send through Walmart to Walmart is $2,500.

After ten days, the money is returned to the sender. You’d need to initiate a new transfer if the recipient still needs the funds.

No, Walmart’s fee structure is transparent. Always double-check the fee based on the amount you’re sending.

Yes, as long as the recipient hasn’t already collected the funds, you can cancel the transfer.


Walmart-to-Walmart money transfers offer a combination of convenience, speed, and reliability. Whether you’re sending money to a loved one in a pinch or need a dependable domestic transfer service, Walmart to Walmart might be the solution you’ve been seeking. Always stay informed, verify recipient details, and keep safety in mind. Happy transferring!


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